Full Range of Services

We can assist you with any industrial water treatment needs.

Trionetics is the only commercial and industrial water treatment company in Northern Ohio and the surrounding areas that provides a comprehensive water treatment technology platform for almost any industry or application–saving you both time and money. Because we have over 40 years of combined industry experience, low prices and a local team of water treatment professionals, you can be confident that we will provide excellent goods and services.


We can sit down with you and help you choose the best water treatment technology for your facility and operation, whether a new or existing system, on-site or remote. You won’t just get a list of the best equipment; you’ll get to see it in action thanks to our in-house laboratory testing! Of course, if you already have the equipment, Trionetics can help you where it is needed.

Project Design and Management

Inquire about how we can design, build and manage the entirety of your project or just a portion of it. Then, we will become your full-service project partner for all of your water purification needs.

Lab Testing

Suppose you have specific water treatment goals in mind. In that case, we can test your feed water or wastewater before beginning a project and compare the results afterward to ensure that they were met.

Service Solutions

To avoid equipment downtime, enroll in a Trionetics aftermarket service solution. Trionetics makes quarterly, bi-annual, or annual visits to your site to evaluate your equipment and advise you on the best ways to keep it in working order.


Trionetics can provide interim equipment to assist you in “getting by” in difficult circumstances. We can help you in a pinch, whether RO, service deionization, carbon or another method. Additionally, please inquire about our lease-to-own program.