Meeting the Biggest Wastewater Challenges

Trionetic’s integrated wastewater treatment solutions are manufactured in-house, bringing a wealth of experience and technology to the table.

Trionetics is a market leader in the provision of water and wastewater treatment solutions to industrial, municipal, and recreational customers, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products, services, and expertise. Water is required for a variety of other activities in addition to drinking. Trionetics provides critical water solutions to customers in energy generation, food and beverage safety and production, healthcare, manufacturing, and a variety of other industries. We recognize and value the ability of water to improve people’s lives and work to ensure that it is always available in sufficient quantity and quality. We understand the complexities of wastewater treatment and have spent more than 40 years applying our expertise, which includes mechanical, chemical, and biological solutions, to the technical and financial optimization of each of our clients’ needs.

Membrane Filtration

Membrane filtration is used to remove particles from liquids and gases. This technique is widely used in a variety of industries, including dairy production and wastewater treatment. The semi-permeable membrane acts as a barrier, preventing large particles from entering while allowing for the passage of smaller molecules.
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Media Filtration

Media filtration is a low-cost, low-maintenance method of removing large particles from drinking water. Particles are removed from liquids by passing them through filter media. Trionetics filters remove silt, iron, chlorine and organic substances.
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Water Softening

Water softening utilizes cation-exchange resins to reduce the hardness of incoming water. This method of pretreatment prevents scaling of upstream equipment. In a brine tank, the resin is refilled with sodium (salt).
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Selective IX Systems

Numerous businesses utilize ion exchange systems for water softening, filtration, and separation. Ion exchange is a process that, regardless of the application, involves replacing dissolved ions with more desirable ones of the same electrical charge.
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Deionization Systems

Deionization purifies water by removing mineral salts. Calcium, copper, iron and sodium ions, as well as anions like bromide and chloride, are removed during the purification process.
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EDI is a chemical-free, continuous process that utilizes direct current (DC) power to remove ionized and ionizable substances from feedwater. EDI is a clever alternative to conventional mixed bed ion exchange for polishing reverse osmosis (RO) permeate–and a successful substitute for it (IX).
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Electrowinning Rotacat

Trionetics’ rotating cathode cell rapidly and efficiently extracts metal nuggets from concentrated process streams for reclamation or reuse. Rotating cathodes and turbulent solution flow through clean seed media produce a high yield and low operating cost.
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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Treatment of industrial wastewater is the process by which contaminated water is removed from the environment before it can be reused or returned to the environment.
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Custom Equipment Design

Trionetics has become a significant OEM of specialized water treatment systems for industrial, municipal, and ultrapure clients since its inception because of its focus on application-specific water treatment systems.
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