Keep Your Unit Running Smoothly

Deionization systems are available in two configurations: separate bed deionization systems and mixed bed deionization systems.

We recognize that water is critical to your business, so we provide the industry’s best customer care for all of our systems. In addition, we stock consumables to help you minimize downtime. All Trionetics consumable products and replacement parts are in stock and competitively priced to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality, authorized components and parts for their systems.

RO Membranes

We offer high-quality reverse osmosis membrane services that help extend the life of your RO membranes by removing contaminants that obstruct their operation. In addition, Trionetics’ RO membrane care services provide clients with a professional support system to ensure continued operational performance.

Ion Exchange Resin

We sell ion exchange resin (IX), which removes inorganic contaminants from water. IX resin effectively removes zinc, radionuclides, selenium, nickel, lead, copper, chromium, cadmium and arsenic from water.

Water Softener Resin

By sending your water through our water softener resin bed, you can reduce the amount of hardness in it. It is a chemical process that reduces the hardness of magnesium and calcium by utilizing cation exchange resin media. As a result, the scale would be reduced in treated water.

Deionization Resin

We offer a range of deionization (DI) resins with varying flow rates and resistivity characteristics. When using Trionetics DI resin, there is no need to invest in a regeneration apparatus or other chemicals. Instead, we provide replacement and regeneration of the ion-exchange resin.

Carbon Media

We provide high-quality reactivated and activated carbon media derived from anthracite coal, coconut shell, and bituminous coal. Our carbon media are suitable for use in the vapor and liquid phases. In addition, our granular activated carbon media incorporate a variety of adsorbents.


We provide industrial-scale multimedia filters that are feature-rich, dependable, and adaptable water filtration solutions. Our multimedia filters reduce the number of suspended solids in the water by passing it through a multi-layered filter bed.

Filter Cartridges

We offer state-of-the-art emergency treatment for vapors and liquid streams. In addition, we offer a variety of filter cartridges for the treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, including multimedia filters, sand filters, membrane filters, and carbon vessels.

Georg Fischer Transmitters

Transmitters from Georg Fischer Piping Systems are highly accurate analytical measurement instruments. They are instrumental in wastewater treatment, media filtration, deionization, and reverse osmosis due to their modular design and adaptability of parameters.


You can ensure reliable flow control for your fountains and other water features by utilizing Trionetics’ technologically advanced valves. We offer a variety of valves in standard sizes for electric, gear-operated, and lever configurations. Additionally, custom-sized valves are available.