Custom Water Treatment Systems

We create custom high-purity water treatment equipment in response to our customers’ process and purity requirements and our extensive water treatment knowledge.

Trionetics has grown to become a leading OEM of specialized water treatment systems, specializing in application-specific, cost-effective, and dependable solutions for industrial, municipal and ultrapure clients since its inception. Our products incorporate a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that have been expertly tailored to each client’s specific needs. As a result, Trionetics can handle even the most challenging water treatment tasks, such as primary filtering, distribution and recycling.

We enjoy the challenge of resolving your problems, no matter how complex they are. Because we recognize that a single standardized water treatment system cannot address all of our customers’ unique water quality concerns, we leverage our technical team’s expertise to develop custom solutions that address the unique water quality concerns inherent in any application. We will collaborate with you from the initial consultation to the final design to achieve your objectives. We can develop anything with our in-house engineers, whether it’s wastewater treatment, water purification or something else.

Trionetics employees construct your equipment on-site, providing you with a turn-key finished product. After the job is finished, we offer exceptional aftermarket service and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your equipment continues to perform optimally for years to come. Our primary concern is for our products and customers.